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Client: Portugal dos Pequeninos
Management of projects and invoicing


Architects and designers deal with critical information on each of the projects they develop. The management of this information is an intensive administrative task that "steals" time that could be used for the work at hand: to create, develop and monitor projects.


Portugal dos Pequeninos is a company that builds models of architecture.

With this solution, the company keeps up to date records of customers, suppliers, employees and contacts, linking them with the projects. Project aggregate a range of information, including images and files.

The management of contacts (by email or letter, label printing) is another feature of this solution. Also, recording news clippings of various projects. Billing with this solution is compatible with Portuguese tax legislation (SAFT).

12 modules: Customers, Communication, Journalists, Articles, Budgets, Projects, Events, Staff

Client: Três Dê Publicidade
Management of projects and invoicing


To combine creativity, which, alone, is not guaranteed success, the 3D needed a solution to manage tasks of day-to-day control of budgeting, time spent on tasks by employees and progress of the various phases of each work.

It was also essential that the solution had the ability to evolve into a more complex system that includes billing and management of payments and receipts.


This solution allows the 3D tracking, recording and analysis of the entire process (phases) of works that develop for their clients, with allocation of employees and record hours and tasks.

To better organize these works, there is a visual component for registration of works, parts and phases. The solution allows the delivery of transport guides for completed works and notes outsourcing (subcontracting work).

All billing documents are also issued and printed from this solution, which is consistent with the new legislation SAFT.

The design of the icons are the copyright of 3D.

14 modules: Work, Creation, Parts, Employees, Machinery, Management, Contacts, Notes OUT, ​​Guides Transportation, Raw Materials, Clients, Suppliers, Rules, Calendar.