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Each new client brings its own challenge. Your DNA is unique, its past and present are also unique. We help our clients achieve the future they designed for their organizations.

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A single platform, flexible with all you need


Sports Federations

Sports Federation Management. Gain your competitive edge!
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Juristica 2013

Manage law firms with modern and secure practices.

SuperSchool - i.School

Manage your school to its upmost potential! Certified by Ministério da Educação.
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Industrial Management

Advanced industrial and commercial management. Save time and money!
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Event Management

Professional event management using live information. Flexible and modular.
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Occupational Health Clinics

Advanced tools to manage Occupational Health Clinics.
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Add-on modules for high performance

Add-on modules can be used to add functionality to systems acquired from Caltec.

Situation Room

Situation Room is a powerful tool that can be used to aid decision making. Key indicators of your organizations performance are updated in real time. Triggers can be set to raise an alarm, indicating expected and unexpected behaviors.
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An invoicing solution that can integrate with any product produced by Caltec. Approved by the Portuguese Tax Authority.
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SMSCenter - Communications

The SMSCenter Module allows quick communication via SMS, anytime anywhere. An essential tool to reduce costs, increase the quality of your communications and ensure that you can always contact your employees and customers.

BlackBox - Auditing

Essential module enables you to know in detail who accesses your system and the activity of each user. Everything you need to establish responsibilities and ensure the integrity and security of your information.


Module that will enable our systems to be used with mobile platforms (iPad and iPhone), so you and your employees can consult, supervise and enter information from anywhere with total security.

Document Center

The Documentation Center is responsible for the storage and distribution of documents, thus promoting the elimination of paper and significant cost savings.

Competitive benefits for your organization


Reduce costs, increase productivity and become more competitive,

Automate and optimize routine processes using an organization wide, integrated solution. Save time and money by eliminating redundant and/or repetitive tasks while reducing the risk errors.

with a flexible system providing a fast Return On Investment,

Caltec provides flexible and modular solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs, both today and tomorrow, this enables a long life cycle that follows the evolution of your organization.

ready to operate on any platform!

FileMaker technology ensures full operation under Windows + Mac + iOS + web.

Maximize your security with controlled access based on different user profiles,

Your information is protected by industry standard levels of security that enable privacy and data protection with different user profiles, enhanced by FileMaker technology.

a simplified solution will facilitate your work day,

Our highly ergonomic interfaces are quick and easy to use, enabling accelerated learning.

save money and the environment!

Reduce costs and protect the environment, by using digital tools and work processes.



Access your information at any time, from any location,

Remotely access your data from anywhere in the world, anytime, with complete security via a simple internet connection.

improve your strategic decisions with full control,

A comprehensive and integrated vision based on live strategic indicators from all areas of your organization, available in a single platform. This enables more effective implementation of strategy.

with an ultra fast and easy deployment!

Ultra fast deployment means that you can start benefiting from the new system quickly, ensuring an excellent "return on investment".


Who does Caltec serve


Direct Clients

Our direct clients are mostly SMBs and departments of larger organizations that know and appreciate the advantages of systems based on the FileMaker platform. We have experience serving clients operating in Europe, Africa, North and South America.

Our clients have included private schools, professional schools, sports federations, medical clinics, banks, media agencies, architectural firms, law firms, event and festival management companies, art galleries, industrial manufacturers, and many others.


Caltec partners with selected resellers to supply our products and services in markets where our combined efforts will lead to a mutually beneficial situation. Resellers can be technology based companies or traditional industries looking for a database solution to offer their clients.

Contact Caltec to discover how we can help you to expand your offerings to your clients with integrated database solutions.

Indirect Clients

Caltec can also serve the clients of our resellers. This enables our resellers to present their clients with an all in one solution capable of addressing a full range of needs.

Services offered via resellers to indirect clients are of the highest quality. You can have confidence that we will take care of your clients like they are our clients.