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Festival and event management



Client: Indie Lisboa
Management of an independent Film Festival


The Independent Film Festival (Festival de Cinema Independente - PT) took place in various theaters of the Portuguese capital of Lisbon. This necessitates effective management of the employees, the films and their schedules to ensure that everything and everyone finds their correct place.

We started from a hybrid solution with an obsolete Excel application. It was also necessary to enable the enrollment of films, guests and media via the Internet.


The Indie Festival has used a Caltec solution since the 2006 season.

For the Indie Festival 2007 and 2008, there was an adaptation of the design including new images, improving functionality and adding new functions. In 2007, the enrollment of films and guests were made online. Printing accreditation for guests included a barcode. A series of reports are now available from a single click: extensions were made to the movies module (watching films, post-festival, elsewhere), hotel stays, flight arrivals and departures of guests. The management and movement of film copies is made possible through a system of supervision, which begins with the carrier and ends with the return of the film to its owner.

We also implemented a standalone solution for the playground area, with collection, processing and analysis of options for every visitor.

11 modules: Movies, Programmers, Cinemas, Screens, Sessions, Subtitles, Locators, Copy Management, Carriers, Guests and Catalogs.