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Experience, expertise and an innovative information design.  Caltec has dozens of applications developed in diversified areas and internationally deployed. 

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Solutions to fit your unique needs

Caltec's database solutions are flexible and can be quickly adapted to your specific needs.

This enables scalability and a long life cycle: your solution will always be up to date and fit to meet any new challenges !

Upgrading your solution

Caltec can help you safely migrate your data from older and obsolete systems, even spreadsheets. By upgrading to one of our professional and innovative solutions, best practices will be reinforced while increasing productivity.


Database performing tuning 

Do you have a FileMaker based solution that needs a performance boost?

Following an evaluation of your current situation we will propose appropriate measures to accelerate the speed of your system.

Web Solutions

Web platforms can be integrated with Caltec solutions and thus provide information quickly and easily to customers, partners and employees through a web browser.

Ask us to evaluate what types of features are most appropriate for your needs.

Connectivity Optimization

Caltec can integrate your current system with several devices. Its a huge opportunity to expand your supervision and control to other areas.

Connectivity can transform your database into a real hub of "live information" to your entire company.

Data Integration

Caltec can help you take advantage of your current data stored in MySQL, SQL Server or ORACLE systems. 

The needs of businesses are changing day by day and evolve every moment. Therefore access live information is crucial.



Build a new app 

Does your company need an app to remotely access and interact with your data? Need it for an event? For business meetings? In everyday life, with control panels to monitor what is really going on?

Caltec provides solutions to organize and process information anywhere.

Get your data anywhere, anytime

In the era of mobility you will need a new way to interact with your data. Caltec will present the best solution for you!

For managers and directors Caltec has unique mobility solutions that combine live information, indicators and automated alerts, all with total security.



We provide our clients the support needed to promote the highest performance and productivity.

We have Agreements providing immediate intervention in incidents and emergencies.


Access your system with industry standard security and privacy. Backups scheduled.

Access via FileMaker client or via browser. With iPhone or iPad.



Courses are tailored to your specific needs.

We incorporate useful concepts that allow you to have an even better positive experience with information systems: FileMaker and beyond.

FileMaker licensing

Caltec specializes in FileMaker licensing to companies and organizations.

Count on us to find the best solution for you!


Direct Clients

Our direct clients are mostly SMBs and departments of larger organizations that know and appreciate the advantages of systems based on the FileMaker platform. We have experience serving clients operating in Europe, Africa, North and South America.

Our clients have included private schools, professional schools, sports federations, medical clinics, banks, media agencies, architectural firms, law firms, event and festival management companies, art galleries, industrial manufacturers, and many others.


Caltec partners with selected resellers to supply our products and services in markets where our combined efforts will lead to a mutually beneficial situation. Resellers can be technology based companies or traditional industries looking for a database solution to offer their clients.

Contact Caltec to discover how we can help you to expand your offerings to your clients with integrated database solutions.

Indirect Clients

Caltec can also serve the clients of our resellers. This enables our resellers to present their clients with an all in one solution capable of addressing a full range of needs.

Services offered via resellers to indirect clients are of the highest quality. You can have confidence that we will take care of your clients like they are our clients.