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Client: Edições do Gosto Publicações, Lda.
Relationship management software


Publishing a magazine is a multifaceted activity with several departments, who have to work in perfect synchronization so that everything runs within the set deadlines. The articles have to be planned and written, advertising has to be sold, requested and prepared, the action has to be managed and the contacts of the subscribers have to be in order. The advertising department has to respond in real time.

The management needed to be "de-excelized". All of the important information needed to be gathered into a single system in order to avoid duplication and reduce response times.


The contact management and CRM for the magazine Inter (Hospitality and Catering), published by Edições do Gosto is the center of this solution. Innovative mechanisms link commercial actions and financial management. Catering, accommodation, hotels and the like are contacted by the publisher to sell advertising space and / or create content for the magazine. The solution facilitates management of advertisers, sponsors and subscribers of the magazine.

There is scheduling, control and monitoring of commercial actions, always assigned to a particular employee.

From this solution are also sent e-mail invitation to the events organized by the publisher.

11 modules: Entities, Chains, Clients, Contacts, Agencies, Employees, Commercial, IDI, Administrative, Signatures, Directorate.