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Niche product distribution management



Client: JE92 Marketing, Promoções, Brindes e Merchandising
Order management


In the months of November and December, JE92 Marketing receives hundreds of orders for Christmas gift baskets, which must be promptly fulfilled, due to the seasonality of the business.

To avoid failure they require a tight control of the stocks of goods that make up the contents of the baskets and tracking of the status of orders and supplier deliveries.


JE92 is a company that also supplies customized Christmas hampers. This solution allows accurate management of all existing product bundles, as well as products that integrate them. The control of customer orders, deliveries and consequential orders to suppliers are made ​​and managed with this solution. This enables a functional management of existing stocks, indicating which products are missing, and overall satisfaction for a specific order.

This solution includes comparative billing reports with previous years.