Automate your school with SuperSchool! ILNOVA experience

Caltec’s SuperSchool Institutes solution helps the Language Institute of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (ILNova) manage their daily administrative, pedagogical and finantial operations.

ILNova was founded in July 2006 as an institution dedicated to teach foreign languages and also languages for specific purposes. It provides service to all undergraduate, masters and postgraduate courses of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, and also to the public in general, companies and organizations. It has over 1,000 students and offers over 30 languages courses.

As a result of the process of implementation of SuperSchool Institutes from Caltec in July 2014, ILNova’s data and information was reorganized in the modular platform, customized to fit their specific needs.


SuperSchool provides online pre-enrollment of courses to the issuance of invoices, payments and ATM codes and certification of portuguese Ministry of Finance. The innovation of the Situation Room Panels ( exclusive of Caltec ), customized to the Administrative Direction, Educational and Financial with LIVE information on all courses, helps ILNova supervise all aspects and give solid support for rapid decisions.

Teachers also benefited from an easy interface for inserting students grades via browser. Other modules like the "Teacher Availability Module" allows ILNova staff to schedule teaching periods more accurately depending on the availability of the teachers. The "SMS Center Module" allows you to reach all students, teachers and contacts in just one click!

SuperSchool Institutes is hosted in a MacMini computer with OSX Server in the IT department of the NOVA University of Lisbon and through FileMaker Server provides remote access from various contributors anytime and anywhere. Access can be made via PC, Mac or browser.

Maria Augusta Guerreiro - IlNova
According to Maria Augusta Guerreiro, coordinator of administrative services at IlNova, "the new solution has increased the speed of processes, promoted greater efficiency, better information management and accelerated responsiveness. We congratulate Caltec for their professionalism, guidance and monitoring throughout the whole process and also for the rapid support response."

SuperSchool Institutes continues to expand and keep pace with the evolution and growth of ILNova, with the adaptation of more modules to manage all the information in a safe, efficient and innovative environment.

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