ENAD, Angola and Caltec's integrated solution for schools and institutes

The National School of Administration in Angola - ENAD uses iSchool a school management solution developed by Caltec, based on the FileMaker platform, to manage their administrative, educational and financial areas: all in a integrated solution.

Inaugurated in 2008, ENAD has the goal to offer high quality courses to train and qualify professionals from the public and private sectorin Angola. 

The new school of administration was designed to be a centre of excellence and qualification. It's mission is to contribute to the development of the Republic of Angola, through the training of specialized skills required to increase quality, productivity, modernization and efficiency.

Caltec's solution was implemented in 2010 and covers various areas of the daily life of the institute.The integrated management system stores information in a central database in order to optimize the operational processes and at the same time obtain a global and strategic vision of the organization.



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