FCC Mix Program help you build a successful FileMaker Project

Caltec is here to announce a new program dedicated to the users of the FileMaker platform: the FCC Mix Program - FileMaker Training, Strategic Consulting and Coaching.

FCC Mix is a program with a personalized approach: not only we will be teaching you FileMaker best principles but also reorganizing your existing database in a more professional way as well as mentoring and helping you step-by-step to achieve the goals defined.

Our objective is to help you build a successful FileMaker project!

Take action! Start now your new database!

FCC Mix Program is suitable for you if:

  • you need to create a more professional database but dont know how to start; 
  • you have already developed a database but realised that there are some important concepts that you dont master and you are insecure to move on;
  • you have not followed the evolution of the FileMaker Plataform and you need to get updated to start a new project.

Based on our experience, we often see many users/developers with the right vision for their database but without enough knowledge/technical skills or motivation to achieve their objectives. This frustration leads to let their FileMaker databases/projects get behind their current needs, becoming obsolete and useless each day.

So come and join our program and get to the next level of your FileMaker skills! For more information, contact us!




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