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At Caltec we enjoy helping executives, administrators and companies to manage their data, in fact we enjoy it so much that we even blog about it! To find out how to make IT work for you, read our blog. Please tell us what is on your mind, we'd love to hear from you.

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Please send me your price list! Sorry, but we don't have one!

Here at Caltec we often receive requests from companies asking for the pricelist for a software solution.
They say, “Please send me your price list”.  The person who asks the information is almost always a secretary...who's is also usually the designated person in the company to collect price lists and select IT solutions from a Google search! We love secretaries, but dont understand why the most important acquisition that impacts business should be selected by un unqualified professional!

In this kind of company, there’s no one responsible for iT, just a free lancer that does Anti-virus or Operative Systems reinstallations when needed.  People are still working with a pre-technological mindset: long hours, repetitive tasks, non-productive operations using general software tools available to any company. Average leading to average.

In these companies the computers are like type machines, files in the desktop are like papers and the folders are also full of printed documents. Managers are still asking for updates... and waiting for it, instead of looking at information real time whenever they want. They even think “organized information” means "documents stored in files"...And how do they share information? By email, by pen, by printing papers that can be easily lost or never traced back.

We are living in the XXI century, the information age.  Is it possible to believe that any company will still be alive and competitive in the future without an outstanding personalized information system? And is it clear that these information system should be carefully and properly selected and deployed and more expensive than that meeting room table made by that famous designer! Isn't it obvious?