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How to manage a Sports Federation in 2017

Managing a Sports Federation is really a complex task. Every single day a large amount of data is generated from various sources and events and all these data should be stored, organized and transformed into information and knowledge for better decisions.
Unfortunately the most common solution is the use of spreadsheets or various software to store and organize data. There's no integration of information or strategic criteria, just grids of rows and columns, that are assembled in a PDF when needed.

But why is it so bad?

First, because these documents are locally stored on a PC, almost always, without an emergency plan or classification criteria and security!
Second, spreadsheet files allows changes without trace. No audit is possible, so you can't be sure your are looking to “real” information or not. 

The need for printing documents that “die” (no longer updated) when leaving the printer is not compatible with organizations that have to be live, dynamic and paperless.
Third, the problem when consolidating information from various  software packages that do not talk to each other,  from various operating systems creating a huge mess no one knows exactly what, where, or who has the right information.

A  Sports Federation must be a centre of command, reference and coordination, so a live ecosystem of information is needed. That's why we created SuperFederation solution!

The sports federation management team should have information “Live” or “On Live”. The directors, many times, have no knowledge but only a few ideas of what is really going on.

Caltec has expertise in implementing a smooth transition to a modern information system, so that your team can begin to use live tools as early as next season, or even in this one, if feasible.

Contact us and know what SuperFederation can do for your Sports Federation!